PLATE-spinning at a Temple fete, bold bunting in a Bridgeton pub and almost as much flag-wearing as flag-waving…

As the Queen prepares to mark 70 years on the throne, these never-before-seen shots from a world-famous Glasgow photographer capture the city’s celebrations from her Golden Jubilee, 20 years ago.

Glasgow Times: Golden Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. -  Jubilee celebrations inside a pub in Bridgeton, in Glasgow, Scotland, 2nd June 2002.Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, whose awardwinning work has appeared in publications including Time, National Geographic and Le Figaro, was commissioned to take the photographs by a Sunday supplement back in 2002, but they were never used.

On Thursday (June 2), they are to be released for the first time in a zine by Café Royal Books, a publishing house which sells weekly publications focussing on post-war documentary photography linked to Britain and Ireland.

The works, which are included in prestigious collections at the Tate, the V&A, British Library and more, provide a valuable resource into cultural and social shifts in Britain and Ireland over the decades.

Glasgow Times: Golden Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. - Jubilee celebrations in Bridgeton,  in Glasgow, Scotland,  June 2002.Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

There are more than 500 books in the series, and subjects range from folk customs and protest to mining and industry, music culture, politics and religion.

The publications are bought as gifts and as nostalgic reminders, and have been used as reference for film makers, producers, screen writers and costume designers.

Universities collect the books to allow students access to the large collected history of this genre of photography, which had not existed to this extent, in print, before Café Royal Books.

Jeremy’s zine, Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Scotland, 2002, is one of two being published this week – his second, Glasgow 1990s, captures life on the city streets 30 years ago, when he had not long graduated from Glasgow College of Building and Printing.

Glasgow Times: Golden Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. -  Summerlee Heritage Park, in Coatbridge, Scotland, June 2002. Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

“It was interesting to look back at those early images, when I was just starting out,” says Jeremy, whose entire archive – almost a million photos – was recently acquired by the University of St Andrews.

Jeremy has worked across the world, photographing everything from the aftermath of 9/11 in New York and the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan to the Braer oil disaster and shipbuilding on the River Clyde.

For more than 20 years, he has been a contributing photographer for Greenpeace International.

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“Being a freelance photographer means you can be in Orkney one minute, Italy the next, but it is always fascinating to look at your own city in depth,” he says.

“Later on, I lived abroad for 10 years, and coming back to Glasgow was really interesting, - seeing the city through fresh eyes.”

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