YOUR correspondence about the Queen’s birthday honours list and the awards given to footballers, Winter Olympics gold medal winners, police chiefs, TV writers and top council employees – you can go on and on.

I am not saying they all don’t deserve to be recognised in their respective jobs or roles of doing good in the community but what about the unsung heroes you don’t hear about in society, fighting all kinds of mental health issues and poverty? And the ones in hospitals battling to save lives. Also folk in minimal jobs and volunteers in many organisations throughout Scotland are all unpaid, and yet we give out these awards in my mind to the wrong ones like confetti, making it a class society.

Time to scrap these outdated honours and treat everyone the same, no-one should be knighted especially for doing a job you are highly paid for, and some even fail but are still rewarded.

Recognise all in society – as it stands it’s snobbery and against the Equality Act 2019.

Stephen Johnstone 


I SEE that the Greens, Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater walked out of the Holyrood debating chamber as the Scottish Parliament paid tribute to Her Majesty the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee. 

Well that speaks volumes, are these Greens concerned about saving the planet or showing how bigoted they are?

They are a disgrace to Scottish politics at a time when we are trying to rid society of bigots, it shows their true colours. 

Jim Tees 


I NOTE the leader of the council promoting new powers to tackle people who don’t care about the buildings they own. 

Pot calling the kettle black, none of the health suites located at the gyms of Bellahouston or the Gorbals have been open since pre-pandemic. She should go after departments first for not maintaining their own buildings. 

Name and address supplied


I HAVE just read Martha Wardrop’s Green View column on Saturday. 

Once more I am tearing my hair out. 

Not once did she mention it is the responsibility of all of us not to create litter in the first place! 

Yes, it is the council’s responsibility to collect our bins and to sweep the streets. She doesn’t need to tell us plastic items can be recycled. What she should be saying is they will never be recycled if they are just thrown away at the feet of the offenders.

It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children not to dispose of items they want rid of by just tossing them on the ground. 

We must be one of the filthiest nations in the so-called civilised countries of the world. I am disgusted by the amount of litter that I find in front of my terraced house EVERY DAY!

Hold on, change the above. It is many of the parents who need educated, many of them are just as guilty.

Daniel Harris