THE entire nation has united in one voice this Platinum Jubilee to send Her Majesty the Queen a huge thank you for her 70 years of dedicated service to our United Kingdom.

As I write this column, I am watching the Platinum Jubilee Pageant after a long weekend of celebrations on TV and across the country. After a turbulent few years, it is great seeing families and friends come together throughout the country to host street parties, hold and attend events and just have a good time.

The Queen has served our nation with honour and distinction for longer than any other British monarch. Her steadfast duty and tireless commitment for our nation is renowned across the world – that’s why this weekend we’ve seen tributes from Dame Joan Collins to former president Barack Obama.

Last week, the usual suspects on social media attacked me for calling out Glasgow City Council for the lack of jubilee events taking place in the city. 

It’s sadly not surprising that some on the fringes of the nationalist movement won’t take time this weekend to celebrate such an inspirational lady.

However, we know these people are in a minority. 

From travelling across Glasgow this weekend I’ve seen bunting up, events taking place and the public coming together to celebrate our Queen.

Even Nicola Sturgeon got in on the action attending the Platinum Jubilee Party at Buckingham Palace.

You see what those on the fringes don’t get is that while there may be a range of opinions on the idea of monarchy, the vast majority recognise the long service and dedication that Queen Elizabeth has given our country. We’ve seen this weekend the high regard that Her Majesty is held in. 

So, as the bank holiday and jubilee weekend come to a close, I’m sure I speak for the vast majority of Glaswegians when I say thank you to Her Majesty the Queen for your long and tireless service to our nation, the Commonwealth and the world. 

Long may your reign of hope and prosperity continue.

God Save the Queen!