MUSICAL theatre star Lea Salonga has admitted that the last time she performed in Glasgow she had to “wear thermals” because it was so cold.

The singer, best known for her role as Disney princesses Jasmine and Mulan, made the revelation ahead of her show at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on July 1.

Speaking via Zoom to the Glasgow Times: When I was in Miss Saigon I headed over to Scotland for a performance, and it was Glasgow we came to.

“I had to wear thermals under my costume because it was cold!

“But I think we’ll enjoy ourselves – I like wrapping up in warm clothing.

“I’m from a tropical country but I don’t like the heat very much, I tend to enjoy colder temperatures.”

After rising to stardom at the age of 17 in the lead role of Miss Saigon, the Philippines-born star has had an impressive career spanning more than 30 year.

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But next month she visits the city to perform her new tour, Dream Again, named after the single released last year, which talks of being ‘all alone together’ – something many of us felt during the pandemic – and longing to be reunited through performance.

Lea said that her tour was “a return to doing what I love to do and do it for real in the way that we love,” and after a global hiatus on live performances, the 51-year-old is delighted to be able to give audiences that authentic experience again.

She said: “I’m hoping that the audiences will come out and have a nice night at a concert venue and we’re really looking forward to heading to the UK.”

Glasgow Times:

Even an Olivier and Tony-award winning performer like Lea still gets nervous. She admitted she was a little worried before taking to the stage with her band at the first show in Canada.

She said: “With this group of people, it had been three years since we got together to play music.

“It felt exciting, but we were all a little bit nervous because we were like, ‘do we still know how to do this?’

“When we got out there it was so wonderful and the response from the audience was so generous and lovely.”

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After completing the North American tour in what she describes as a ‘exciting blur’, Lea is excited to board a plane and head across the pond for the nine-date UK leg.

She added: “We were having so much fun, and I anticipate that it’s going to feel that same way when we get there.”

Lea has performed in iconic venues all over the world, from Carnegie Hall to the Sydney Opera House, but she also expects that the Royal Concert Hall will make a special impact on her as performing to every audience means so much to her.

“I like saying that wherever I happen to be in the moment is my favourite spot – it’s difficult to pick a highlight,” she said.

Glasgow Times:

“Performing in all these different venues, it’s going to feel like every venue is going to be my favourite.”

While based in the United States, Lea is grateful to her fans across the pond and says she has a ‘special bond’ with them that takes her back to the beginning of her career.

“My introduction to global audiences started in the UK where my name became more and more familiar because of Miss Saigon, and it’s thanks to the fans,” she said.

“I think there’s something very special because of how audiences embraced the show and, by extension, my being part of the show.

“When my career went on and I got to come back for a tour three years ago, every venue felt like a rock concert. I was like ‘oh my gosh, this is unexpected and wonderful’.

“I could not have foreseen the reception that we got.

“I think I was stupefied every time the audience would respond to a song. It was really special.”

Now Lea is ready to experience this feeling again with her audience and reunite with a fanbase that means so much to her – even if she gets typical Glasgow weather.

She added: “I have a really special bond with the UK because my career started here.

“Going to perform in all these different venues in the UK it’s going to feel like every venue is going to be my favourite, and that’s irrespective of the weather - the weather won’t matter at all!”

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