THE bosses of a restaurant in Paisley have been left “gobsmacked” after the person who smashed their window unexpectedly came forward to fork out for the damage.

Employees at Little Steak House, based on Sma Shot Lane, arrived at work on Sunday morning and noticed a window had been vandalised through the night.

After the glass was cleaned up and a repair was arranged, the small business said they accepted the situation "as part of trading in a busy town centre".

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However, they soon received a message from the person responsible who said they had a “flash black” of breaking the glass after a night out and he apologised.

The young man informed the staff he would like to do the right thing and pay for the damage he unintentionally caused.

Glasgow Times:

In a post on Facebook, the “drunk laddie” was praised and thanked by restaurant bosses.

They wrote: “When you arrive to work on a Sunday morning and you’re faced with a broken window in the restaurant, you just know that there’s been a wee drunk laddie passing by in the early hours and carelessly or accidentally smashed the windae.

“As a wee independent local restaurant you just think ‘oh great’, so you clean up the glass, phone for a repair and take it as part of trading in a town centre.

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“However, what we didn’t expect was that the wee drunk laddie woke up from his night out on the tiles and had a flashback of unintentionally breaking the window and what did he do next, he private messaged the restaurant and apologised and said he would like to do the decent thing and pay for the damage caused.

“We were gobsmacked and full of admiration for this young man, hats off to you and to your parents who have taught you right from wrong and to take responsibility for your actions.

“The youth of today get a lot of bad press so we just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and doing as you said ‘the decent thing’. Appreciated.”

The social media post attracted nearly 1500 "likes" and dozens of comments.

One person wrote: "Hat off two the young lad for taking responsibility for his actions."

Another added: "It's always nice when people can apologise and admit that they were wrong." 

Meanwhile, another business owner shared a story about a drunk woman taking an item from their premises over the bank holiday weekend.

They wrote: "Absolutely amazing. Funnily enough, we had the same in our Chinese restaurant. A customer had taken our little waving cat unbeknownst to us until she sent us a private message and admittedly had too much to drink during the long Jubilee weekend.

"She did, however, return our waving cat. Lots of laughs, but we all didn’t even notice, that’s the funny part!"