A GLASGOW sex offender found himself back in the dock after failing to comply with his notification requirements.

Joseph Devaney, of Summerston, is required to inform police about changes to his name, address, passport, and bank details.

On August 12, 2020, the 59-year-old attended at Maryhill police station and notified officers about a new bank card.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, prosecutor Jeremy O’Neill said: “The paperwork was forwarded to the accused’s management unit and received by the accused’s manager.

“It was thereafter noted the bank card was valid from April 2020. He was required to notify police of the new card within three days.

“System checks on August 15 confirmed there had been no notification from the accused about the bank card before then. He was traced, cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

Devaney appeared for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to the offence.

The details of the offence which led him to be subject to requirements were not revealed in court.

His lawyer explained: “He had a bank card which the management of his order was aware of. The bank card ceased to work, and he went into the Bank of Scotland to enquire about that.

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“He was told he would be sent a new card. This card had the same pin and same account number, but the long number was different.

“It did not occur to him straight away that he had required to tell the management team about this.

“After a regular visit to his home in August, when he was reminded of his responsibilities, he went to the police station and informed them he did in fact have this new card.

“It was a misunderstanding on his part. There is nothing sinister about this breach.”

The court heard Devaney last offended in 2015.

His defence solicitor asked Sheriff Valerie Mays to step back from imposing a custodial sentence.

The sheriff said: “You have previous convictions for failing to comply. You must be under no illusions as to exactly what you need to do.

“There’s been a considerable period since your last offence. I’ll deal with this by alternative to custody.”

Devaney was tagged and ordered to stay within his home from 8pm to 6am for 135 days.