THERE would need to be a want to do something from Glasgow City Council and the SNP led Scottish Government for anything to happen (Glasgow city centre eyesores that need the owners to take responsibility, Monday).

Sadly, despite some people still wanting to vote for the SNP, there is not. Glasgow City Council nor the SNP care in the slightest what happens to Glasgow, mainly because they know they’ll get the votes no matter what damage they cause. 
No matter if they make lives harder. No matter of anything in fact, some strange people will keep voting for the constant downfall of the city. Sickening but it is where we are.
Moonk Calder

There was anger about how much the new CAMHS centre cost in Hamilton and the long waiting times, here are some comments...

SO that’s where all the money has gone and why CAMHS are consistently rejecting referrals for young people who desperately need help! Absolute joke.
Nicola Paul


MAYBE fill the CAMHS they already have with more staff...
Yvonne Muirhead


WILL children now get an appointment?
How about investing in more practitioners, personally I would have an appointment in the car park if it meant my child got seen by the relevant person with actual input to help with day-to-day life!
Leanne Buskie Robb


£1.5 MILLION seriously? When children are waiting and waiting and waiting and their families are stressed, struggling and constantly fobbed off.
Julie Taylor


A NICE place for people to wait forever to get an appointment in, to have their child labelled then fob you off, never to return or receive actual useful help.
How nice they feel that’s the best way to spend that money, never mind investing it in what is actually needed.

They could have saved a fortune and set up a drive-thru style centre for all the time they see anyone.
EE Cairney

HOPEFULLY children in need will be seen sooner now.
It’s an absolute disgrace the time they are waiting for appointments.
Roseanne Anderson