A THUG kicked a police officer in the face whilst lying on a hospital bed.

Ben Knight had been admitted to the resuscitation theatre at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary after being involved in an assault earlier in the evening of October 17 last year.

Whilst within, the 26-year-old was described as being “extremely aggressive and abusive towards police”.

He appeared in court last week for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer, making threats of violence and lashing out with his arms and legs.

Prosecutor Brogan Moffat said: “Whilst the accused was lying on the hospital bed, he shouted ‘if yous don’t let me up I’m going to smash yous’.

“The accused’s behaviour was becoming more and more erratic and as such, he was sedated by hospital staff.

“At 4am, the accused appeared to be unconscious. Police tried to help the accused lie on the bed, but he began to lash out.

“He used both his feet to strike a police officer in the face. He continued to lash out towards officers with his hands and feet.”

Knight continued to shout and swear, and he was arrested and handcuffed.

He told police “you’re lying c***s” and “ill knock you out”.

Knight’s lawyer said: “My invitation is to deal with this by a substantial monetary penalty.”

But Sheriff Mark McGuire replied: "He kicked a police officer to the face. My initial reaction was to impose a restriction of liberty order."

The lawyer added: “There is not an injury liable. He is prepared to comply with a restriction of liberty order.”

Sheriff McGuire told Knight: “Police officers were trying to help you and you verbally abused them and physically attacked them. That is not acceptable.

“I will say it as many times as necessary, this court takes a dim view of these attacks on police officers.

“You kicked an officer with both of your feet in the face. The fact that the officer was not injured is no more than blind luck.

“I'm not satisfied that a financial penalty will adequately deal with this matter and its seriousness.”

Knight, of Edinburgh, was tagged and ordered to stay within his home between 8pm and 7am for 162 days.

Sheriff McGuire added: “If you breach this order, you’ll find yourself back in front of me.”