A RANGERS fan forced riot cops to lift their protective shields after he launched a road barrier at them during title celebrations in Glasgow city centre. 

Christopher Adams, 29, was one of the thousands of supporters who descended upon George Square on the afternoon of May 15 last year, after the club won its first league title in ten years.

He was described as having been a “season ticket holder at Ibrox all of his life” by his lawyer when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing last week.

Adams had previously pleaded guilty to culpably and recklessly throwing items at police to the risk of their injury, whilst acting with others.

He was handed a football banning order and ordered to carry out unpaid work for his part in the “large outbreak of disorder and violence” that occurred more than seven hours after fans first arrived to celebrate.

Riot police were deployed to George Square as a result of officers coming under attack.

A tannoy announcement had been made ordering everyone to leave, and police statements were issued via social media.

Prosecutor Jennifer Sillars said: “At 9.30pm, officers attended to disperse a large crowd causing disorder.

“The accused was on the roadway on Queen Street, standing directly in front of a shield line, facing officers.

“He was captured on CCTV footage acting in a disorderly manner and picking up a large red plastic road barrier.

“He thereafter threw the barrier towards police, causing several officers to raise their protective shields in order to avoid being struck on the head.”

Adams was then spotted throwing other items at force towards police, but the court heard these items were not identified.

An image of him was later circulated online by police and on June 21, he was identified. The following day, officers attended his home where he was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Glasgow Times: Generic image taken on the dayGeneric image taken on the day

Adams’ lawyer tried to persuade Sheriff Mark McGuire not to impose the football banning order.

The defence solicitor said: “He’s had special conditions imposed since August 21, to stay outwith Glasgow city centre as a whole and not to attend any football matches. He has abided by this.

“Although there is a record, the last offence was October 2014. None of the offences are to do with football.

“Alcohol played a part in this offence. His outlook on alcohol has since changed. He is embarrassed by his behaviour on that day.”

The lawyer went on to say that Adams played a small part in the serious disorder, but the sheriff disagreed.

He said: “This is a man who was involved in an extremely serious, disruptive, and disorderly event. So serious, that riot police were dispatched.

“Had they not raised their shields, the barrier would have struck their heads. This is someone who was at the heart of this disturbance.”

The defence solicitor said his client shows genuine remorse.

He added: “I would submit there is a low risk of reoffending. He does have a full-time job. There was no sectarian aggravation.

"I would wish to persuade you from imposing a football banning order. It was a moment of madness. He is ashamed and there’s been no further offending since.”

Sheriff McGuire said: “It wasn’t a moment at all. After the barrier, he then threw other items, so on at least three different occasions he threw items at police.

“The social work report states ‘there may be a risk of further offending if he attends football celebrations whilst under the influence of alcohol’. The social worker seems to disagree with you.”

Adams’ lawyer explained this was the only football-related matter on his client’s record, despite being a season ticket holder his whole life.

Sheriff Mark McGuire told Adams: “Your lawyer submitted you were a small cog in a large machine, and I don’t accept that. It couldn’t have happened had it not been for people like you.

“Each and every person there is responsible for their own actions and each person decided to engage in disorder.

“You were repeatedly asked and instructed by police to disperse, and you didn’t do that. Instead, you picked up a road barrier and threw it at the heads of police officers who had to protect themselves with shields.

“You then picked up other items and threw these at police as well. Such conduct is deplorable and will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.

“I recognise you have a limited record, and these offences were some time ago.”

Adams, of Hamilton, was ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work in the community and had a one-year football banning order imposed, which will prohibit him from entering any football ground in the UK.

Sheriff McGuire added: “If you don’t play ball, you will go to jail.”