A MAN who shot a BB gun into the street “for just a bit of fun” has been told by a sheriff his actions were “potentially deadly”.

Jai Wolfe held the weapon out of a window at a flat in Glasgow’s Govanhill and pulled the trigger, sending a plastic pellet flying.

A woman who was walking her dog on Langside Road on the morning of October 19 last year, had her attention drawn to the bay window, which was partly open.

She overheard a female voice say “stop aiming that around” before spotting a weapon, which she initially believed to be a crossbow, being held out of the window by a pair of hands.

A trigger was pulled, and the woman heard a loud impact coming from scaffolding on flats, which was across the road from the property Wolfe was in.

She then called then police.

Wolfe, 29, appeared for sentencing at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after previously pleading guilty to culpably and recklessly discharging the BB gun.

Prosecutor Brogan Moffat said: “Police attended immediately. They were met by the accused, who afforded police entry to the property.

“Immediately, the accused stated he had been firing a BB gun. He was cautioned at common law and again stated he had been firing a BB gun out the front window as well as other items within the property.

“Police requested he showed the gun to them. He handed over one metal BB gun along with a plastic tub that contained a quantity of silver and yellow BB pellets.

“The items were seized. The accused was arrested cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

Wolfe’s lawyer explained the matter is “a concern to the court”.

He added: “When I asked, ‘what were you playing at, what was going on’, I came across a young man who struggled to speak to me.

“He is a vulnerable individual. He was messing about with his girlfriend. It was early, he didn’t think anybody would be about and that was the best he could give me.”

Sheriff Mark McGuire said Wolfe was lucky an armed response team was not dispatched to deal with the matter.

His lawyer added: “He had no intention to harm anybody, he was being very stupid and not thinking of potential consequences. He has some mental health issues.”

Wolfe, of Castlemilk, was placed under social work supervision for one year and tagged. He will require to stay within his home between 7pm-7am for 163 days.

Sheriff McGuire told him: “You take a BB gun, a firearm, and you fire it into the street. Your ignorance seems to think your actions are harmless.

“’It’s just a bit of fun’ you told the social worker. You could not be more wrong. Your actions were potentially deadly, and I say that because you fired a gun into a public street.

“You should consider yourself very fortunate an armed response team was not sent out.

“Your actions placed the public in danger so don’t sit there and think this was just a bit of fun because it was certainly not.”