A DRUNK who called the police after his dad asked him to leave his home went on to punch an officer he had requested to attend.

Ronald Qua had been in the Battlefield property most of the day on March 12, but he was asked to leave due to being so drunk.

After becoming upset, the 25-year-old phoned police, and officers arrived at 11.30pm. Qua’s father explained his son had overstayed his welcome.

Officers entered the living room and saw Qua sitting on the sofa.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, prosecutor Brogan Moffat said: “The accused stated, ‘the f**k yous want, I’ve no done anything’.

“One of the officers tried to explain that he was no longer welcome and would have to leave. He ignored officers and then became irate, shouting at police telling them to repeatedly ‘f**k off’.

“Police moved towards the accused, putting their hands out in order to take control of him by the wrist. He stated, ‘I’ll f*****g stab you if you touch me’.

“An officer grabbed the accused’s left wrist and the accused struck out with his right arm, punching the officer to the face, causing him to stumble backwards.

“The accused had continued to act aggressively by kicking and throwing his arms towards both officers. He grabbed police equipment, preventing officers from requesting assistance.

“The accused was thereafter placed in handcuffs and continued to shout, calling them ‘a*******s’, ‘scumbags’ and ‘p****s’.

“He threw himself on the ground and continued to resist officers removing him.”

Qua, of Helensburgh, was eventually taken outside. He threatened officers with violence and was shouting in the street.

After being placed into a police van, he made attempts to kick three officers. He was taken to London Road police office, where he told staff to “f**k off” and referred to them as “f*****g idiots”.

Sheriff Mark McGuire revealed that he had noted Qua’s difficult background and how he appears to have long-term alcohol issues.

His lawyer replied: “He has abstained from drinking since this incident. Clearly, drink has been at the root of his offending.

“He can and will comply with unpaid work. He pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.”

Sheriff McGuire ordered Qua to be under social work supervision for 18 months, with a conduct requirement to engage with addiction services.

He was also ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work as a direct alternative to custody.

The sheriff told him: “Your conduct was disgraceful. You behaved in this disgraceful manner towards people just trying to do their job.

“You clearly are a man that needs some help. If you don’t comply with the order, you’ll find yourself in custody quicker than you can blink.”