A MAN smashed up an East End takeaway after being kicked out of a nearby pub.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told this week how on January 20, 2022, around 10pm, Stephen Gilhoolie was asked to leave a bar he had spent the evening in.

The 36-year-old then turned up at the Tandoori Hut on Shettleston Road and began to shout and swear towards Harjid Kaur, who was working there.

This placed Ms Kaur in a state of fear and alarm, the depute fiscal said, but a man in the shop managed to convince Gilhoolie to leave.

A short time later he came back to the takeaway and began banging his fist off the window outside while shouting: "Open the f****** door, stupid."

Ms Kaur opened the door and Gilhoolie went back inside where he began shouting and swearing.

He picked up takeaway menus and began to throw them around the shop before lifting up a table and throwing it, causing it to break.

Gilhoolie, from Shettleston, then started banging his hand on the countertop, shouting and swearing and calling Ms Kaur a "Turkish b******".

When cops showed up, Gilhoolie called them "orange b******".

In a separate incident, around 1pm on April 23, Gilhoolie was being apprehended by cops when he began to kick off.

While being taken to Clydebank police station he became aggressive and began to shout and make threats, using sectarian and homophobic language.

He shouted: "Scumbag Orange b******, when I see you in the street I'll stab the f*** out of you."

He added: "I'll follow you from Chester Street and fling acid in your face and kill your family."

Sheriff Patricia Pryce said: "I don't think there's anybody he hasn't managed to alienate in the community."

His defence brief said: "It's a strange set of circumstances. He doesn't hold any grudges towards anybody but his problem is drinking.

"He has been drinking since a young age.

"His drinking is at a level certainly unknown to me and to a level unknown to most people."

But the lawyer told the court Gilhoolie is now "motivated" to try and address his drink problem.

The sheriff pointed out that "almost every single offence" on Gilhoolie's record is aggravated by sexual orientation or racial language.

She added: "He has made some very serious threats to police officers."

Sheriff Pryce said it was a "very narrow decision" not to jail him but instead said she would "see if you can stop your offending".

Gilhoolie was placed on a community payback order with two years supervision and a condition of attending alcohol counselling.

He was given 270 hours of unpaid work and tagged for 150 days keeping at home from 7pm to 7am.