WELL, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP and her husband have put £20 million aside for another referendum.

So democracy is dead, forget 2014 forget 2016 these referendums did not go their way let’s have another, but tell me, if the UK government does not give the go-ahead for another referendum and they go to court what court will they go to? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What will happen to the £20m?

Will the ferries be finished? And most of all, if it does not go my way, can I have another one?

Jim Tees
Via email


WELL done Catriona Stewart on your article promoting the benefits of cycling/cyclists. 

Apart from the one paragraph regarding the behaviour of cyclists in their total disregard of the pedestrians!

When will one of your columnists stand up for the pedestrians and their freedom to use the pavements in our city without the threat of cyclists? 

Pedestrian lanes on pavements might be the answer.

Donnie Gillies
Via email


I AM delighted to hear Councillor Millar say that the post-pandemic spruce up of the city centre is about to start (Glasgow Times, Wednesday). 

It is a sine qua non if we are to attract visitors. Perhaps he could ensure that the Ramshorn Graveyard, which is used by residents for leisure as well as tourists, will be open before the summer ends! 

We were told before the election that the money had been found to open the graveyard, yet it has remained closed, while the trees have blossomed and the sun has occasionally shone. 

I have also seen tourist groups outside peering through the locked gates. 

We can only attract visitors if our heritage sites are open – and pronto!

Dr Duncan MacLaren


I’M pleased to read that the city will get a spruce up. Sauchiehall Street is an absolute embarrassment.

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