THREE Labrador pups who were found wandering the streets were dumped by a black-market breeder – after one dog from the same litter died from a virus days earlier.

The adorable puppies were rescued by a member of the public in Renfrew on the night of June 14, after they were abandoned by a man in broad daylight at around 4pm.

He had been seen in the area carrying the pups under his arms.

The dogs are now in the care of the Scottish SPCA - which was tipped off about a similar puppy that passed away just a few days after being bought in Greenock.

Glasgow Times:

Microchips from the poorly puppy which died matched the chips from the rescued pups, and it is suspected they were abandoned by a dodgy breeder after it was discovered the virus was a risk.

Animal welfare chiefs slammed “master manipulator” breeders cashing in on the puppy trade, for allowing parvovirus - a preventable illness if a mother dog has adequate nutrients to feed her pups and if the dogs are vaccinated - to become prevalent.

A Scottish SPCA undercover special investigations unit inspector said: “We suspect these puppies are linked to prolific low-welfare puppy dealers operating in Scotland.

“In the past, we have come across similar cases where puppies have been dumped as soon as they’re no longer profitable because they have fallen ill.

Glasgow Times:

“We cannot stress this enough: the supply of badly bred puppies will only disappear if public demand stops. Every year, thousands of pups are dying at just days or weeks old to fuel the trade.

“We will continue to fight the puppy trade every step of the way, but we need each and every person to do their bit to help us stop it.

“There are thousands of adverts on websites like Gumtree for puppies, but there is no guarantee you are buying from a responsible breeder when you shop online.

“Under no circumstances should someone meet a breeder to purchase a puppy or allow a pup to be dropped off. Do not accept any excuse, no matter how plausible it seems.

“These people are master manipulators and will try anything to make you believe they are legitimate and responsible breeders." 

The animal welfare charity urged the public to be vigilant when buying a puppy. 

The inspector added: "Do not accept any excuse not to see the puppy with mum.

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“We would always advise adopting over buying a pet but those with their hearts set on buying a puppy should do their research and make sure they are buying from a responsible breeder.

“Although you may have to wait slightly longer, you will be getting a happy and healthy dog.

“The Scottish SPCA is dedicated to tackling the illegal puppy trade." 

Anyone with information regarding the dumped puppies or anyone who is concerned they may have purchased a pup from a low-welfare breeder should call 03000 999 999.