A YOUNG man was caught trying to sell someone drugs in the street after the person told police.

Ryan Cameron appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week from custody to be sentenced after the incident on January 22 last year.

The court heard the 20-year-old was remanded in relation to another matter.

Prosecutor Brogan Moffat said: “The accused was with another man, speaking with a third male at Gallowgate near to the junction with Stockwell Street.

“During this time, police were on patrol within a marked police vehicle. As the vehicle stopped at the lights, all three males began acting suspiciously.

“Police turned to ascertain what was going on. The third male stated the accused had tried to sell him drugs.

“Police approached the accused and noted him to be under the influence of drugs. He was detained for a search.

“Bags were found within the accused’s left jacket sleeve. When recovered, he stated ‘it’s just personal. They’re 0.25g, that’s just the way the guy sells them to me’.

“He was arrested and replied, ‘here can I be honest, I have actually got a knuckleduster in my pocket’.”

The weapon was recovered from Cameron’s joggie bottoms. He was taken to Govan police office.

Meanwhile, the drugs were tested and identified as cocaine.

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There were 14 bags weighing a total of 3.7g, which was estimated as having a street value of £100 to £200.

Cameron previously pleaded guilty to being in possession of the class A drug and a weapon.

His lawyer said: “He has had a difficult upbringing which explains some of the issues he has.

“He acknowledges carrying weapons is unacceptable. My invitation is to continue this matter to await the outcome of the solemn matter.

“He tells me he would be grateful for some support when he’s released.”

Sheriff Mark McGuire replied: “The submission put before me is not what I was expecting. There have been many cases similar to this and the accused are clearly not interested. You’re asking me to do something to help him. I’m willing to go down the route.”

The sheriff deferred sentence for six months, to await the outcome of the more serious matter, and for good behaviour.

He told Cameron: “I shall keep this matter open to try to provide you with some support. It takes a lot to ask for that. The easy thing to do is say jail me and I’ll serve my time.”

Cameron, of Bridgeton, will return to court in December.