A BRAVE woman has had her leg amputated after her knee pain was revealed to be a rare type of cancer.

Rebekah Laverty was shocked to be diagnosed with synovial sarcoma after doctors found a 13cm tumour mass in her right leg.

The condition can affect fat, muscle, blood vessels, deep skin tissues, tendons and ligaments.

Glasgow Times: Rebekah lost her right legRebekah lost her right leg

The 29-year-old, from Hamilton, underwent chemo and radiotherapy but ultimately made the “scary” decision to have her leg removed to give her “the best possible chance” of beating the disease.

Now the inspiring survivor is adapting to her new life after undergoing an above-the-knee amputation at Glasgow Royal Infirmary last month.

Glasgow Times: Rebekah was stunned to find out she had cancerRebekah was stunned to find out she had cancer

Rebekah told the Glasgow Times: “My knee was in agony and I could hardly move it.

“I went to a doctor's appointment on my own not thinking anything of it, [only] to be told that it came back as cancer - synovial sarcoma.

“It was very scary to make the decision to amputate my leg and it will be the hardest decision I'll ever make in my life.

“Although I had cancer I was fit and well and knew I was going from an abled person to a disabled person but I knew it was the best solution to give me the best chance possible.

Glasgow Times: Brave Rebekah battled the cruel diseaseBrave Rebekah battled the cruel disease

“I took one day at a time. You only have one life and I wasn't wasting a second of it feeling sorry for myself.

“You can't change anything, it's up to your body on what happens so you just need to have hope.

“I always say there is someone worse off than me. Although this is life changing, I won't let it be life-limiting.”

Glasgow Times: Rebekah is now in remissionRebekah is now in remission

Rebekah had noticed pain in her knee for around five years but thought it may have been bursitis, a condition that makes the fluid-filled sacs that cushion your joints become inflamed.

The pain began to grow worse, forcing her to attend A&E in August 2019 and then again in July 2020, and twice again in September 2021.

She then was given an MRI scan in December 2021 which revealed the huge 13cm mass in her leg and cancer.

After her treatment and amputation on May 3 this year, Rebekah has now been told she is in remission and hopes to spend the rest of her life cancer-free.

Glasgow Times: Rebekah is adjusting to her new lifeRebekah is adjusting to her new life

Soft tissue sarcomas are rare cancers. Around 3300 people are diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma each year in the UK. That’s around nine cases diagnosed every day.

Now she is looking forward to getting a mechanical leg which will allow her more independence.

Rebekah is also fundraising for a microprocessor leg as she dreams to have her active lifestyle back again, but it costs up to £90,000.

She said: “I'm really looking forward to getting the mechanical leg.

“I'm looking forward to being up on two feet if the fitting goes well next week.

“The leg I aim to have is computerised and studies your walk and helps you to walk much easier than a mechanical leg.

“It has loads of functions that mimic a 'human' leg. It is even fully waterproof so I can go swimming with it on and even go for a shower with it on.

Glasgow Times: Rebekah is staying positiveRebekah is staying positive

“I was a pretty active person before and even during diagnosis when I wasn't in pain. I enjoyed going to the gym, walking and socialising.

“I am still young and want to enjoy life to the fullest.

“I'm just glad to be cancer free right now and hope it stays that way.”