A FRUSTRATED resident has slammed a local authority for 'failing to consider the health and wellbeing of a young child'.

As reported previously by the Glasgow Times, East Dunbartonshire Council was criticised in a recent Ombudsman report for its lack of action following a complaint from a resident over late-night noise from a football pitch it hires out.

The resident, who has asked not to be named, has since claimed the council refused to carry out a noise assessment at his property to prove the noise levels from the pitch breached the World Health Organisation's acceptable levels for residential properties.

He said: "My child has to experience grown men shouting and swearing outside her bedroom window most nights up until 9.45pm.

"The initial sound impact assessment was carried out during school hours before the housing development I'm in was built and even that was deemed unacceptable.

"I asked the council to respectfully adjust its pitch hire times to finish at 9pm, but it refused to even consider the request.

"It appears to me that raking in pitch hire fees is more important to the council than the health of a child.

"There are plenty of slots to hire the pitches out to avoid it being occupied so late at night."

The council says it conducted a thorough investigation following The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman's (SPSO) complaint and have taken action regarding the noise levels. 

We previously told how the resident complained after their young child was left unable to sleep due to the noise and foul language. 

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The council amended their letting terms and conditions to ensure that there were clear rules prohibiting unreasonable noise levels and language by renters of the pitch.

However, the SPSO said the only steps that the council had taken to address this was to send a general email to all renters of pitches, warning that leases may be removed if terms and conditions were breached by unreasonable behaviour.

Gerry Cornes, chief executive of East Dunbartonshire Council, said: "As stated in our correspondence with the complainant and SPSO, the council conducted a thorough investigation and has taken actions to ensure the noise levels remain at an acceptable level.

"We remain committed to engaging with residents who believe that users are clearly breaching the acceptable use of the pitch."