SO. Glasgow wants fewer cars in the city centre ... a very achievable target I would say. 

I parked my car in Buchanan Galleries for two and a half hours. It cost me £9. And then today I parked in Braehead. It cost nothing. 

Achievable target right enough. Pity they’ll be more shops closing though! 

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NICOLA STURGEON has accused Douglas Ross of being terrified of Independence. 

Hands up, I’m petrified of Independence if the SNP’s 
record of the last 11 years of running the country is anything 
to go by. 

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SCOTLAND has been found to have the highest rates of Covid this week in the UK. 

Now it seems there are two new variants of Omicrom BA.4 and BA.5 has been found in Europe.

Now we can only hope that the SNP government can explain where all the millions of

Covid funding the SNP government received has disappeared too, because the country may be needing it shortly.

Wm McCarron


CORRESPONDENT JimTees should be mindful that it is perfectly legitimate for citizens to want their country to be governed by itself. 
The UK Government has been a disaster for Scotland and other areas of these islands. 

A corrupt Prime Minister leading a corrupt Government, constant law-breaking, lying and handing billions of pounds and dodgy honours to cronies.

Scotland has not voted for a Tory Government since 1955. At every General Election, we have to accept the Government that the majority of England votes for. That surely can’t be right!

We have massive amounts of natural assets in Scotland from which we send the receipts to London and they give us a patronising handout and think we should be grateful. 

There is a reason why London wants to keep us imprisoned in the current union: for their own benefit.

Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Ireland can run their own affairs with their population benefiting from their own resources and good trading links with other nations.

What is so wrong with Scottish people wanting to run their own affairs and living side by side with all of our neighbours?

Anthony Martin


THE rail situation is a farce. I had to walk home from Hampden Park on Thursday due to the continuing chaos. It’s time to get the train running as normal.

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