The Met Office has moved to inform Brits when the current UK heatwave will end – and revealed when the next one could begin.

As Brits enjoyed sizzling heat on Friday, the warm weather is not expected to last long with cooler temperatures expected over the weekend.

Forecasters predicted those in the south will enjoy the scorching weather longer than most.

The Met Office said: “A cold front from the north introduces more uncertainty on how long the highest temperatures will hang on for Saturday, with areas to the southeast currently most likely to hold on to warmth the longest, although the extent of this is still being determined.”

As temperatures begin to drop over the weekend the another heatwave could be a matter of weeks away.

Looking ahead to July, meteorologists expect “very hot” spells.

From June 30 to July 14 the Met Office said: "Temperatures are likely to be near or above normal, with some very warm spells possible.”

Looking ahead to next week, the Met Office says: "Throughout much of this period, most areas could experience dry conditions with occasional bright spells and some sunshine. Temperatures around normal, perhaps slightly warmer further south and cooler in the north with the chance of some stronger winds here.

"Towards the end of June the best of the sunshine is expected in the south and east, bringing slightly warmer temperatures with it, while the north and west may see more unsettled spells."