LAST week felt like Groundhog Day again.

Nicola Sturgeon, flanked by Green co-leader Patrick Harvie, announced plans for another independence referendum.

Despite all the challenges facing Glasgow and Scotland, it is clear that for the SNP-Green government their obsession will always be their number one priority.

Given the cost-of-living crisis, the current recovery from the pandemic and the challenges facing our businesses and public services, it is shameful that the SNP are once again creating grievance and hellbent on dragging Glaswegians and Scots back through divisive constitutional division.

This is a costly distraction at the worst possible time and senior nationalists are now strongly hinting they will press ahead with a referendum in 2023, whether it is legal or not.

I wouldn’t be participating in a wildcat referendum and I’d urge other voters to do the same if it comes to that.

The energy and resources of our SNP-Green government are being diverted onto indyref2.

My party simply won’t stand for it and will fight at every turn to get the full focus back on the issues that really matter.

Like people struggling with rising bills, the huge backlog of operations for patients, the attainment gap in our schools, the shameful record level of drug deaths and the state of our city centre streets.

Add in the failure to run our trains, the failure to even build a ferry, and the devastating cuts to our local authority budgets, it’s clear this is a SNP government with a record of failure.

They have splurged more than £250 million on ferries that don’t float yet, but want us to believe they could run an independent country.

They still have no answers to the big questions they failed to answer eight years ago, yet the last thing we need is to spend the next 18 months and beyond debating our constitutional future again.

Parliamentary as well as council time cannot be wasted on this nationalist obsession when so many other issues face our city and our communities.

Alongside my Scottish Conservative colleagues we will oppose these plans at every turn and talk about the real issues people’s minds are focused on.

Nicola Sturgeon needs to give it a rest and focus on Glasgow and Scotland’s real priorities now.