CAN I say to Anthony Martin that I am fully mindful that it is perfectly legitimate for citizens to want their country to be governed by itself, but is he mindful that Scotland at the behest of the SNP held a referendum in 2014 which our citizens voted to remain as part of the United Kingdom?

Is he also mindful that if the SNP get their way and we join the European Union, Scotland will not be running its own affairs, Brussels will, it will tell us who we can trade with and our laws and who we can and cannot allow into our country, just to name a few.

Is he also mindful that the SNP are ignoring the result of a lawfully held referendum, so if they get their wish and hold another referendum and it does not go my way, why should I accept the result?

Also, I wait with bated breath to see what format the next and in my opinion unwanted referendum will take, what jiggery pokey will they come up with?

I say it would do the SNP no harm if they dropped the idea of independence and got on with getting the ferries finished, stop wasting taxpayers’ money and deal with the cost-of-living problems that people are facing by putting that £20 million to better use.

Jim Tees

PATRICK Grady MP for North Glasgow has been found guilty of having sexually assaulted a young staffer and must resign from his position as MP.

The people of North Glasgow must have the opportunity in a by election to choose a representative they can trust to behave in a responsible manner.

While the sexual harassment offence occurred in 2016 when the SNP instigated a cover up of the complaint, the details of Patrick Grady admitting to having engaged in “unwanted physical touching with sexual intent” have only been made public now. The SNP have applied shocking double standards, merely suspending him for two days.

Derek Mackay was suspended and then resigned from the SNP when outed for messaging a 16-year-old boy. Mark McDonald was suspended by the SNP and then resigned over sexual harassment allegations. Why has Grady been treated so differently?

The SNP say there must be “zero tolerance” regarding sexual harassment but in the case of Patrick Grady we first get a coverup then a weak apology. This is hypocrisy.

At a time when Parliament is riven with accusations of inappropriate behaviour it is important to set an example. The people of North Glasgow deserve better. Grady must resign to allow the electorate to choose a better and more appropriate representative.

Danny Crawford