An amateur footballer suffered a broken jaw after being punched during a match by an opponent.

Calum Couston, 31, was struck from behind by Richard Munro, 36, at Glasgow's Garscube Sports Centre on January 11, 2020.

The unprovoked blow took place as Westerlands AFC and Colquhoun United set up for a free kick.

North Ayrshire council regeneration officer Mr Couston was unable to chew or play contact sports for weeks after the incident.

Munro - of the Glasgow's Kelvinside - denied the single charge of assaulting Mr Couston to his severe injury and impairment.

The SEC Exhibitions worker told Glasgow Sheriff Court today that it was an accident while both men went for the ball during play.

Mr Couston stated in evidence that the match was initially unremarkable in terms of incident.

Prosecutor Darren Harty asked what happened in order for that to change.

The witness said: "I was punched on the back of my jaw - on the lower right.

"It was a free kick and I walked towards the box and behind me was Richie Munro and he hit me.

"The arm swung round and hit me."

Mr Harty then asked what happened as a result of the punch.

He replied: "I hit the floor then stood up pretty shocked and said 'what's going on here?'"

Mr Couston added that he could not recall any earlier discussion between them.

The witness stated that he received an apology from Munro after the game.

Mr Harty asked: "As a result of this punch, you suffered a broken jaw?"

Mr Couston replied: "Yes, and I received surgery.

"Part of the surgery was putting a plate into the jaw and there was removal of a wisdom tooth as well."

Mr Harty asked what life was like for Mr Couston - a hillwalker and runner - after the incident.

He said: "Rubbish, I couldn't chew for eight weeks and I had no general sport for four weeks and no contact sport for 12 weeks."

Harvie Diamond, defending, put it to the witness an alternative course of events.

He said: "The free kick was taken and the ball came over and both of you jumped in respect of trying to get the ball and in doing so Mr Munro accidently hit you with his elbow on the face."

Mr Couston replied: "Absolutely not."

Munro told the court in his evidence that he was "jostling for the ball" with Mr Couston before "I caught him with my elbow as we jumped for the ball”.

He added that it was not deliberate and denied apologising to Mr Couston after the match.

Sheriff Matthew Jackson QC said after convicting him: "This was a serious matter and had very serious consequences for Mr Couston."

Munro was ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work.