A MAN screamed "I'm going to die" after being stabbed in an artery by a machete-wielding thug.

Liam Day was struck on the shoulder by Liam Maloney, 23, close to his home in Glasgow's Drumchapel on December 3, 2021.

Mr Day had initially intervened after a heated argument between Maloney and his mum before being pounced upon.

There were fears Mr Day could have died due to extensive blood loss. He required six units during a transfusion at hospital.

On Tuesday, Maloney pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to assaulting Mr Day to the danger of his life.

The court heard that Maloney and mum Lynne Maloney were in a "heated discussion" while walking towards shops.

Mr Day meantime ran over where he then argued with Maloney but were then separated.

Prosecutor Christopher McKenna said: "Maloney got past his mother and produced an object with the appearance of a large machete from his shorts.

"He lifted the item above his head and started to wave it in the air.

"Mr Day was then chased before Maloney caught up to him and struck him on the top of his back or shoulder area with the machete."

Maloney fled the scene meantime as Mr Day stumbled to nearby stairs where he collapsed.

Mr McKenna added: "A resident heard someone shout 'I'm going to die' and made his way outside to see Mr Day on the steps bleeding heavily."

Police arrived and noted the victim to be "in and out of consciousness”.

Maloney was taken to hospital where he was treated for a five-inch shoulder wound which pierced his muscle.

Mr McKenna said: "This caused an arterial bleed and major haemorrhaging that required him to have six units of blood by transfusion.

"He also suffered a fracture to his left shoulder.

"He will be left with scarring at the site of the injury and there was danger to life caused by the extensive blood loss."

It was revealed Maloney has eight previous convictions including a 2014 assault and robbery at High Court level in which he received two years and three months at a young offenders’ institution.

Sentence was deferred pending background reports and Maloney was remanded in custody meantime.