A proposed four-day working week with full pay was a welcome idea to people on the streets of Glasgow.

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Green councillor Dan Hutchison wants officials to consider a study on the efficacy of cutting 20% of working hours for Glasgow City Council staff. He is expected to present a motion on Thursday to the city’s full council meeting.

The Glasgow Times took to the streets to ask how people felt about either a four-day working week, or working 80% of hours for 100% of pay.

Glasgow Times:

Eve Hamilton, from Dennistoun, currently works flexible hours and would be keen to see a four-day work week put in place, though she expressed it would depend if those four days were longer shifts.

The 30-year-old said: “I definitely think you would see an increase [in productivity], as opposed to people spreading work out over five days when they can fit it in to four days.”

Glasgow Times:

West-Ender Ross Craig, 21, also thought it could increase productivity.

He said: “I think it would be quite good.

“It kind of gives you a chance to have more days off to go do things.

“And I think if I knew I was getting the same pay, I would probably be motivated to work just as hard in those four days to have that extra day off.”

Glasgow Times:

Scott Kemp, from Dennistoun, works both at home and in the office, and supports the idea of bringing in a shorter working week.

The 27-year-old said: “I think it’s a good initiative to have. I think it would be useful and it’s nice to see.”

He added: “I think you can be more productive on a shorter work week, and there’s definitely people within my work that do condensed hours, so I think it would be worthwhile to see the kind of outcomes from it.”

Glasgow Times:

Part-time student Amelia Naylor, 22, from England, is already on a four-day week, but works longer hours now.

She said: “I get all my hours done in a shorter time.

“I think it’s hard at first when you start doing longer shifts, but you get used to it really quickly, so I’m for it.”