A MAN who was caught speeding outside a school in Glasgow has been disqualified from driving.

Saif Malik already had nine points on his driver’s licence when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Jennifer Sillars said: “At 1.55pm on September 14, 2020, police had been within Shawlands Academy dealing with a separate matter.

“Officers were leaving the school via the main entrance. Their attention was drawn to a grey Skoda travelling past and going towards Kilmarnock Road.

“It was travelling at excessive speeds outside the school whilst going over speedbumps. The vehicle was being lifted off the road when going over the speedbumps.

“Police caught up with the vehicle as it travelled along Kilmarnock Road. It was stopped, and the accused identified himself as the driver.”

Malik, 25, was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

He appeared for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention, at excessive speeds, and over speedbumps, causing the vehicle to leave the road.

His lawyer said although the incident occurred at a school, there were no pupils around at the time.

The defence solicitor said: “He’ll be disqualified but I would ask you to take into account the early plea and that it’s at the bottom end of careless driving.

“The disqualification is going to have a serious impact on him as he suffers from anxiety and has a phobia of being in crowds so it will make travelling on public transport quite a painful experience.

“His father has health problems, and my client has to frequently attend medical appointments. Because of the type of vehicle he has, my client was the main driver.

“He works part-time as a shop assistant and has to work quite late in the evening.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton told Malik: “I have listened to what’s been said. I do have to consider the fact it was committed outside a school despite pupils not being present.”

He was handed five points on his licence, which meant he was disqualified from driving for six months due to already having nine points.

Malik, of Pollokshields, was also fined £245.