AS THE Network Rail strikes continue today, we took to the streets of Glasgow to find out the public’s thoughts and experiences with the ongoing disruptions.

Glasgow Times:

Gorbals resident Eileen O’ Donnell, 67, talked strongly about her support for the current striking action.

She said: “I definitely 100% agree with them.”

“They have to walk up and down the train and get abuse from people. I hope it lasts forever and takes the Government down.”

Glasgow Times:

However, Anniesland resident John Quinn had completely different views on the matter.

The 55-year-old said: “I don’t support the strike, it’s a complete joke.

“They are very well paid as it is. There are a lot more people who are on very low paid jobs and they’re not going on strike.

“I’ve never seen anyone from the railways go to a food bank, so it’s totally uncalled for.”

Glasgow Times:

Amy Paterson, 18, who was in the city for university, stated that the strikes haven’t really affected her as she isn’t much of a train user.

She said: “I don’t really use the trains as much because [the buses] are cheaper. And I always find that the buses are more consistent.”

Glasgow Times:

Helensburgh native Barry Moffatt shared his annoyance with the ongoing striking action.

The 20-year-old, who was on his way to travel to Manchester, said: “I think they’re just not needed, to be honest. They already make a lot of money, they don’t need anymore. They are constantly on strike as well.”

He then shared how the disruptions affected his journey into Glasgow, adding: “It was impossible for me to get up here. I was lucky enough to get my gran [to take me].”

Glasgow Times:

Mr Zaidi, 44, from East Kilbride, spoke on the strikes, saying: “So far, they haven’t affected me.

“I’m travelling in buses and taxis.”

Glasgow Times:

Martin Barneby, 33, who works at Buchanan Bus Station’s WHSmith, talked of the increased traffic into the store.

He said: “Definitely today was busier here and very quiet down at Central Station.

“Our main store down at central station has taken a hit.”