Horrified residents say they are living in 'filth and fear' due to ‘gangs of violent louts’ who are reportedly terrorising a block of Glasgow flats.

The Glasgow Times received shocking images of the tower block in Dalmarnock's Ashgrove Road that shows excrement daubed on walls, urine-stained floors, badly damaged doors and communal garden, grubby bags full of rubbish dumped outside flats, waste overflowing at bin sheds and blood smeared on walls.

Glasgow Times:

Pleas by tenants to have CCTV cameras installed to combat the yobs at the Link Housing complex have reportedly fallen on deaf ears.

One mum says she now fears for her life and is trapped because she cannot afford to move.

She said: “I genuinely am scared for the safety of my two small kids and myself. It’s like being in a warzone and I’m constantly on edge.

"There have been violent fights inside the building and blood left on walls. People use the hallway as a toilet and there’s excrement and urine all over the floors. It’s absolutely disgusting and a health hazard.

“I’m terrified of what might happen next and refuse to let my two small kids out to play. People come and go from the flats throughout the night, and someone even tried to get into my home at 5am. My kids woke up and were so scared they couldn’t stop crying."

Glasgow Times:

She added: "Rubbish is constantly dumped throughout the building, there’s graffiti all over the walls, dog mess, vandalism, and widespread drug and alcohol misuse.

“It’s not a safe place to live and nothing is being done. There are plenty of decent people living here and we’re fed-up of being ignored. It seems our complaints are not being taken seriously. No one should be forced to live like this. People are now fearful for their lives.”

Glasgow Times:

The new-build social housing was opened 13 months ago and promised residents 'a safe community space'. 

However, just a few weeks after moving in, concerns were raised about the state of the building.

Tenants also told the Times their rent and maintenance charges have risen despite the alleged squalor they are living in.

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Glasgow Times:

Another resident added: “I was told this would be a great place to live and a secure environment to raise my children. When I was offered my two-bedroom property I jumped at the chance and couldn’t wait to move in

“Just a couple of weeks after getting the keys, the bin area was overflowing leaving a disgusting smell. Alarms were damaged, glass doors smashed, and it soon became apparent it wasn't families who were being moved in but yobs and thugs.

“We had a bike stolen from right outside our door and we've had to deal with loud music and parties going on throughout the night.

“People stagger about the building drunk or clearly on drugs at all hours of the day. It’s reached the stage where any of the decent folk left hate living here. There are fights and violence on the landings every other night and it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

“My flat has never been inspected in the time I’ve lived here. My place is in immaculate condition, but I’d like to know why inspections are not routinely carried out. I can only imagine the state some of the properties must be in.”

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The Glasgow Times understands that weekly clean-ups of the building take place, but residents say within a matter of days the mess is worse than ever.

Crisis meetings between tenants and representatives of Link Housing have taken place in a bid to resolve the issues, but householders say no action has been taken to tackle the yobs.

Glasgow Times:

Another resident said: “The way to tackle this properly is to install CCTV cameras and help people to feel safe. We’ve had quotes of around £600 for eight cameras to be installed in the communal areas. Surely this would be cheaper than the association forking out a small fortune to repair the constant damage?

“Something has to be done as this situation can't be allowed to continue. This is a constant problem, and we want a long-term solution, not just a quick fix. I really think the association needs to review who is being housed in these flats. 

"The weekends are the worst, and something needs to change. There are decent hard-working folk here who have finally had enough. We want this resolved.”

A spokesperson for Link Housing said: “We are aware of issues at our Dalmarnock development and have been working closely with tenants and other agencies to resolve these.

“We held a tenants’ meeting on June 16, 2022, where the issues affecting the development, including a request for CCTV were discussed. 

“We will continue with regular estate inspections and in-person visits to deal with the issues that are being reported. We do not install CCTV in our housing developments.”

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A follow-up meeting is expected to be held in July.

The spokesperson added: “In addition, senior housing staff from Link visited the development [on Friday] and noted many of the issues reported by tenants had been addressed. 

“Furthermore, an inspection of the bin store showed an improvement in the conditions inside, and replacement glass has been ordered to repair a close door that was recently vandalised. This repair will be carried out as soon as the specialised glass is available.”

Glasgow Times:

Link Housing said it encourages tenants to report concerns and is in regular contact with residents through a local newsletter.

The spokesperson said: “All incidents of crime and/or anti-social behaviour are investigated, with a Link Housing officer visiting impacted households, and we work closely with Police Scotland and other statutory authorities in relation to our overall management of the development.

“We will continue to work with our tenants to maintain good standards within the estate and to take action in relation to anti-social behaviour with support from Police Scotland and Community Safety.”

Glasgow Times:

Police Scotland said a crime report has been logged for the damage to the door.

A force spokesperson added: “Around 12pm on Thursday, June 23, officers received a report from a flat in Ashgrove Road, Glasgow, of human waste in the common close, and vandalism to the front door.

“Advice has been given to the caller and enquiries are continuing.”