John Mason, Glasgow SNP MSP, has come under fire from his own local party and political opponents after his latest statements on abortion protests.

The Shettleston MSP said he did not think the demonstrations outside clinics and hospitals were protests and he claimed women were on a “conveyor belt” with no one putting forward alternatives to abortion.

Monica Lennon, Labour MSP, said he was “spreading misinformation”.

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Mason said it was “a bit of a stretch to call it a protest” even though he said he had only visited one and it was “a few years ago”.

He said it was "mostly older folk doing some praying, that kind of thing".

In a radio interview, he said: “Some women have gone through abortions and have had very bad experiences.

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“I’m not saying it’s every case but in some cases women have gone to these clinics and have effectively found themselves on a conveyor belt.

“There’s been very little information about the pros and the cons of having an abortion.”

In response, Lennon said: “He continues to troll healthcare workers, he continues to frighten women and undermine abortion healthcare in Scotland and this is not acceptable.

“Mr Mason is of course entitled to his own beliefs and views. He’s anti-abortion he’s entitled to have those views but he’s not entitled to make things up, to spread disinformation.

“If Mr Mason believes that women don’t have informed consent in Scotland, he should be reporting that through the normal channels not spreading disinformation on social media."

David Linden, Glasgow East SNP MP, and Greg Hepburn, SNP councillor for Calton in Mason’s constituency, said the MSP was out of step with his local party.

Linden said after seeing Mason’s comments he “despaired”.

The MP said: “Suffice it to say he doesn’t speak for me. I fully support the introduction of buffer zones. If folk want to protest, do it at Parliament - don’t intimidate vulnerable women."

Hepburn said: “Women must be able to access healthcare without provocative opposition from those who have no knowledge (nor any right to know) of their circumstances.

“Anecdotes suggesting decisions are made in ignorance are inflammatory. Trust people to make decisions about their own bodies.”

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said: “I vehemently disagree with John Mason on this issue. I am very strongly pro a woman’s right to choose.

“I understand that people take a different view. But actually, this is not just about that. This is about access to healthcare.

“We wouldn’t tolerate for any other kind of healthcare, people, as they enter a hospital or a clinic, being subject to intimidation or harassment, and we shouldn’t tolerate it, in my view, for women accessing abortion services.”