OUTSTANDING goalkeeper and the greatest I’ve ever seen in the flesh (Rangers confirm sad passing of Andy Goram following short battle with cancer, July 2).

His performance against Leeds Utd at Elland Road in the first season of the Champions League, in ‘92, for me personally, was one of his finest displays. Also the point-blank save at Ibrox and the penalty save at Celtic Park both from van Hooijdonk stick out. R.I.P. The Goalie.

John McKay - Posted online

IN 1991, Andy Goram gave one of the best goalkeeping performances I’ve ever seen.

At the time I regularly went to Hibs matches, and we lost 3-1 to Hearts at Tynecastle. If it hadn’t have been for Andy, it would have been seven or eight.

I’ll never forget that Hearts supporters applauded him off at the end of the match.

RR - Posted online

THE reason why the number of people having Covid has increased rapidly in Scotland is simple. The number of people who don’t wear a face mask has increased rapidly.

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THE behaviour of Chris Pincher MP, who has been suspended as a Tory MP in the latest of a series of sex scandals, is both shocking and speaks to the problems that persist both in Westminster and across society.

It is hardly naive that we should expect our elected representatives to be above reproach, and Mr Pincher should clearly consider his future as a parliamentarian.

This, it should be noted, is quite incredibly the second time that Mr Pincher has left the whips office.

It clearly begs the obvious question of why Boris Johnson granted him a senior role in government a second time, and casts yet more doubt on his judgement in picking teams and whether he cares about sexual harassment. The whip, after all, is meant to look after MPs’ wellbeing.

Standards in public life matter, and this is yet another damaging episode for Westminster and for Mr Johnson’s already deeply tarnished reputation.

Alex Orr - Via email

WHY should I pay to watch tennis from 12.20pm to 8.30pm on BBC1 and from 11am to 6pm on BBC2? And highlights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm? That’s what I pay for. No way. It’s high time the licence fee was scrapped.

Robert Cadden - Via email