A man who was unable to be woken by his friends lashed out at ambulance workers when they arrived to help.

Lee Milligan, 28, was drunk in his pal’s home in Croftfoot on May 31 last year and fell asleep.

The Scottish Ambulance Service was contacted for assistance after he wouldn’t wake up.

When paramedics arrived, Milligan had thrown up and started to become aggressive.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, prosecutor Monique Cooney said: “He was kicking out. Staff tried to restrain him.

“He attempted to kick one of the ambulance workers but there was no contact. They tried to restrain him to stop him from kicking out.

“At 11pm, police officers were asked to attend. When they arrived, the accused was restrained on the kitchen floor by three ambulance workers. At 11.49pm, he was cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

In another incident on June 5 last year, police within Glasgow Royal Infirmary were informed Milligan was being aggressive and using abusive language.

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He began shouting and swearing.

Ms Cooney listed phrases he was using, and these included “yous f*****g c***s”, “f*****g fight me”, “f*****g p****s”, “f*****g moron”.

Milligan, of Glasgow city centre, was not formally cautioned and charged due to his level of intoxication.

His lawyer said: “He lost his employment and was drinking heavily. He really seems to have turned things around. He’s voluntarily working with alcohol services and has completed a structured deferred sentence.

“He has one matter to come back to court for next month.”

Sheriff Allan McKay replied: “He had a good job. The trigger of all this is quite clearly alcohol abuse. There’s no doubt about that.

“He already has support in place. I will defer for good behaviour.”

The lawyer revealed that would have been his invitation to the court.

Sheriff McKay told Milligan: “The main concern I have here is the victims. People follow a career where they want to help people and during the course of that they’re subjected to abuse and violent attacks.

“I don’t think it’ll be too hard for you to understand it’s not acceptable. The gravity of the offence is high here.

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“I will step back from a custodial sentence as I think it’s in the public interest to help you. Clearly, you’re a positive contribution to society. You’re getting and taking help and that’s stopping you from offending.

“I hope over the next six months you move on from volunteer work and you find employment. If you stay off drink you’ll not be in trouble, it’s as simple as that.”

Milligan will return to court in six months’ time.