Boris Johnson said he had a “colossal mandate” and was going to “continue” despite more than a dozen resignations from his Government.

He faced questions from Keir Starmer, Labour leader, Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader, and backbenchers at Prime Minister’s Questions after 16 resignation letters were sent to his office.

Johnson answered Starmer’s questions with answers on cutting taxes and delivering jobs.

Starmer said Johnson was responsible for empowering former Tory deputy chief whip, Christopher Pincher, who is facing allegations of  sexual assault.

Starmer said the victim said he “froze when attacked”.

He added: “When I prosecuted rapists, I heard from victims it was not about sex but about power.

“This was power handed to him (Pincher) by the Prime Minister.”

“The only way to get the fresh start the country deserves is by getting rid of the lot of them.”

Johnson had said to a previous question from Starmer about Pincher: “When I was given information last week I acted immediately and took the whip away from him.”

On the Labour leader’s question on removing the Government, Johnson said he was going to “continue to deliver on the mandate I was given".

Blackford said: “The public can’t afford to put up with this farce of a Government any longer.

“How many more ministers need to quit before he picks up his pen and writes his own resignation letter.”

He asked if Johnson would call a General Election and let Scotland choose a different future.

Johnson said: “As for a referendum, we had one of them in 2014.”

In response to a Tory Backbench MP who asked were there “any circumstances in which he would resign", Johnson said: “The job of a PM when he has been handed a colossal mandate is to keep going.”

Plaid Cymru MP, Liz Saville Roberts, said he was the best recruiting sergeant for Welsh Independence.

Johnson said: “When I speak to Mark Drakeford in Wales and Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, I see the bonds of our union being strengthened all the time and I’m confident they will continue to do so.”