Former footballer Peter Crouch's dream drink has been brought to life by BrewDog.

The expert brewers have transformed Crouchy’s fantasy flavour by combining lager and stout, in one glass as Laout.

The one-two beer blend is the UK’s first ready-made ‘La’ (lager) + ‘Out ‘ (stout) beer in a can.

LAOUT by BrewDog is available for pre-order after the first batch sold out on BrewDog website on July 6.

BrewDog launches new lager and stout drink inspired by Peter Crouch

Fans of That Peter Crouch Podcast will already be familiar with the new 5.4% lager-stout hybrid.

And it looks like the Podcast listeners are as serious about the blend as the man himself.

In fact, they have even been lending a hand to some advertising efforts, pitching taglines on social media and one lucky fan has even created the can's design.

Simon Painter's entry was selected from an array of artwork submitted by fans on Twitter.

Glasgow Times: Peter Crouch launches a new lager-stout with BrewDog. Credit: BrewDog/ Taylor Herring.Peter Crouch launches a new lager-stout with BrewDog. Credit: BrewDog/ Taylor Herring.

Speaking about his dream drink coming to life, Peter Crouch said: “This started as a little joke on our podcast but it’s become something special. Our dreams have become a reality, thanks to BrewDog

"It’s the marriage you didn’t know you needed half lager and half stout. The Laout is born. Be parched no more”.

Lauren Carrol, Director of Brand & Marketing at BrewDog, said: “Crouchy spoke, we listened. Laout is not your typical combination, but BrewDog is not your typical Brewery. Our experts (aka the Beer Wizard and his colleagues) analysed what Crouchy loves about the Laout and we think they’ve come up with a beer which ticks all those boxes.”

A four-pack is available for pre-order for £5.95, while a 12-pack can be purchased for £16.95 via the BrewDog website.