The Met Office has said that a consistent run of high temperatures will be seen over the next few days, meaning Britons could bask in an official heatwave.

With that in mind boxing trainer and director of Geezers Boxing, Leon Bolmeer, explained his top tips on how to safely exercise during the summer season if people wanted to keep fit during the warmer weather.

There can be benefits of training in the heat including improved blood circulation, improved overall cardiovascular health, and better stamina and flexibility.

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However, it is still important to be safe and not over-exert yourself which can be dangerous in higher temperatures.

Glasgow Times: There are some benefits to training in the heat (Canva)There are some benefits to training in the heat (Canva)

Tips to safely exercise outdoors during a heatwave

Focus on aerobic exercises

Exercises like boxing, running and cycling are perfect for warm weather because these are the ones that most benefit from increased oxygen availability.

This makes heat training improve your endurance the most. 

Train early

During the summer months, there is a significant difference in temperature from the early morning to 11 am/3pm when the day is at its hottest. 

Training early morning or late evening will still improve your strength, stamina and endurance, with less damage from the extreme heat.  

Don’t overdo it & stay hydrated

Training in warm temperatures can bring with it issues such as heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn. Because of this, you need to be careful when doing heat training, taking frequent breaks and staying hydrated. 

Glasgow Times: Limiting the intensity of your exercise is crucial in higher temperatures (Canva)Limiting the intensity of your exercise is crucial in higher temperatures (Canva)

Limit your intensity

When starting out, decrease the intensity of your normal workout to compensate for difficult conditions.

Reduce workout times by at least 20 minutes at first and when focusing on cardio, slow down your pace or cut down your distance until you get more used to the conditions.

Have more electrolytes

Drinking large quantities of water in the heat can mean you risk flushing out essential minerals through sweating.

You can buy electrolytes as rehydration tablets that can be added to water and consumed before, during and after heat exercise. This will help you keep these minerals in your system.

Wear sensible clothing

Avoid water-absorbing heavy materials and choose clothing that allows sweat to run off. This is more hygienic and allows your clothing to remain more lightweight when exercising. Also, try to wear a hat or cap and cover your neck too to avoid sun damage.