Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, is the latest MP to declare they will be standing to be the next Conservative leader and succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Truss takes the number who are standing to 11 since Johnson announced last week he would resign.

She joins Kemi Badenoch, ex-equalites minister, Suella Braverman, attorney general, Rehman Chisti, foreign office minister, Jeremy Hunt, ex-health secretary, Sajid Javid, also ex-health minister, Penny Mordaunt, trade minister, Grant Shapps, transport secretary, Rishi Sunak, ex-chancellor, Tom Tugendhat MP and Nadhim Zadawi, chancellor, on the list so far.

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It is expected that the first rounds of voting will begin soon and the final two should be revealed within two weeks.

Truss said she had the experience from her time in cabinet to lead the country and said she would cut taxes.

She revealed her own campaign slogan.

After ‘Ready for Rishi’ and 'Time for Tugendhat, the foreign secretary is campaigning with ‘Trusted to deliver'.

Truss announced her candidacy relying on her experience in Government to put her above her rivals for the job

She said: “I have a clear vision for our country and economy - and the experience and resolve to deliver it.”

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Truss added: “We face major challenges to the country, from the economy to security to the environment.”

Tax has dominated the early days of the campaign with the leadership contenders vying over who would cut the most.

Javid wants to cut income tax, eventually to 15%, Hunt wants to cut corporation tax, Zahawi and Shapps want to reduce tax in general and Tugendhat would cut fuel taxes.

Sunak, however, said that the public finances need to improve post-Covid before any tax cuts can be considered.

The candidates need the backing of eight MPs to go ahead to the first round of voting before, after a series of eliminations, reduces it to two.

The final two will go before the party membership to choose the next leader.

Johnson, meanwhile, has said he will not be endorsing any leadership hopeful.

He said: "I wouldn't want to damage anybody's chances by offering my support."

An announcement is expected in the coming days from home secretary Priti Patel on whether she will stand.