A SHERIFF gave a "last chance" to a man who caused a large scale disturbance on an East End street with a "serious" kitchen knife.

Evan Deleney was warned about his behaviour by Sheriff Vincent Lunny when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week.

The court was told how, around 5.15pm on October 17, 2020, police were called to Bartiebeth Road in Wellhouse due to an ongoing disturbance. 

Witnesses had reported Deleney standing in the street holding a kitchen knife. 

The 24-year-old used it to damage a hire car that was parked in the street, the depute fiscal said. 

Witnesses refused to give statements to the police but did provide them with photographs taken of Delaney standing on the pavement holding a knife in his right hand. 

Police searched for him but he was not traced at that point. 

But then, around 7.20pm a second call was made to police concerning a large scale disturbance. 

Deleney, from Newarthill, was found causing further damage to the car by ripping off both wing mirrors. 

In the criminal justice social work report, the court heard, Deleney claimed to social workers he was in fact holding a piece of glass.

Sheriff Lunny was shown a photograph of Delaney holding the knife. 

He said: “This was a significant weapon in public. 

“I appreciate it was being used for vandalism but to then tell social work it was a piece of glass lying around…” 

His defence brief said: “His parents have been incredibly supportive of him. 

“When I started dealing with him he was a van driver. 

“Now his condition has got the better of him, not helped by his drinking and taking cocaine. 

“He is an especially nervous and anxious person regarding all that is going on.”

Sheriff Lunny told Deleney he was "sailing close to the wind". 

Deleney was placed on a community payback order with 24 months' supervision and a conduct requirement to engage with addiction services. 

The sheriff said: “With his record and with behaviour like this… the violence on his record is now eight years ago. 

“If that had been more recent it would have been straight to jail now. 

“He’s really sailing close to the wind.

“That is a serious knife. Any knife is serious but that is a really dangerous thing to be running around the streets with. 

“For a man of your record behaving like this makes me wary that you haven’t learned the lessons of jail in the past so you are almost asking to be sent back to jail. 

“If that knife had been used in any way, shape or form there would have been no alternative.”

Deleney was also tagged for six months keeping him at home from 7pm to 7am. 

He will have to carry out 210 hours of unpaid work. 

The sheriff added: “This really is a last chance direct alternative to custody.”