SARAH CAMPBELL’S article (Glasgow Times online, Monday) about the Glasgow protests in solidarity with American women since the Roe V Wade ruling is very welcome and helps to highlight these important events.

While it is usually unwise to look at the comments section below an article online, they do show that there is a lack of understanding of the relevance of the Supreme Court ruling for Scotland.

Understandably, many people in Scotland want to to show their solidarity and support for the millions of Americans who will now find themselves forced to give birth against their will (something the UN now lists as a crime against humanity).

However, there are signs of concerning implications for us here in Scotland too. Most of the protesters who picket Scottish hospitals and clinics carry protest signs supplied by 40 Days for Life – a Texan organisation.

The footage of the Sandyford clinic protesters (which has been widely circulated online) show them apparently filming patients with body cameras and using voice amplification systems – tactics used by American anti-choice organisations.

Worryingly, the overturning of Roe V Wade had very little public support in America (polls frequently show around 2/3 of Americans wanted the ruling to remain in place).

While those who want to ban abortion are in the minority in Scottish politics, their intentions are the same as the Republican extremists who were able to over turn a nearly 50-year-old ruling. With well-funded American anti-choice organisations active in Scotland and the clinic protesters becoming emboldened and arriving in increased numbers, we need to ensure that our healthcare and reproductive rights are well protected.

The law as it currently stands in Scotland is that unless an abortion is signed off by two doctors and meets the criteria of the Abortion Act, it is a crime punishable by life in prison. A sobering thought.

Gemma Clark - Johnstone

REGARDING the report on possibly banning fireworks for the Pollokshaws area, I think it’s a total waste of time.

If you’re going to ban them then ban them everywhere with the exception of publicly-arranged and controlled events.

We don’t need need to be setting these things off at every excuse.

MA Glasgow