Households across the UK have been issued a £270 warning as the cost of living crisis hits.

Brits struggling to pay household bills amid a rise in the cost of living could face a difficult decision as the Met Office issued a health warning amid the current UK heatwave.

As people struggle to sleep using a fan to keep cool could see household bills skyrocket.’s Max Green told The Mirror: "This year the discomfort isn't limited to the night; many homeworkers won't be able to benefit from the perfectly adjusted air conditioning systems of their employer's offices.

"The stifling heat can confuse our judgement when it comes to deciding whether to fork out for an expensive cooling system. They can be costly to buy and run, and are only useful for the few hot days the UK experiences every year."

Energy saving company Loop says air con units could be adding up to £9 a day with UK households predicted to spend as much as £270 extra a month by using devices to help keep cool.

Steve Buckley, head of data science at Loop, said: “As we see the first patch of warm weather, many of us will be looking for ways to stay cool, but it’s important to consider how much some of this equipment could be adding to your bills.

"At first glance, these costs may not seem that high on an hourly basis, but they can really add up if you’ve got a few devices running or you forget to switch them off."