Earliest memory of Glasgow?

As a child in the 60s, I remember taking the number 60 bus with my father from Cambuslang to the Barras, and the smell of doughnuts from the corner shop wafting through the air as we arrived at our stop directly outside the Loch Fyne cafe. After traversing the globe these past 40 years I still visit Glasgow today to gaze at the stunning architecture and hopefully engage in a wee blether with the elders on benches throughout the city.

Glasgow Times: Sean O'Kane

Where did you live?

We were a family of 12 children crammed in a top floor flat with little or no complaints as every other family was in the same predicament. Cambuslang was only a short bus trip to a magical city full of hardy, honest people who preferred integrity over money, hard work over handouts, and always saw the glass half full in the face of adversity. At any given time of the day at least 20 or more snotty-nosed kids rumbled around the pavement trying to make sense of our world, learning life lessons and building friendships. Long gone are the street games we played, such as kick the can, blind man’s bluff or hide and seek – all replaced with technology.

Glasgow Times: Sean in Taggart

Which school did you go to?

St Bride’s Primary, where playground activity was centred around marbles and conkers for the boys and trading scraps for the girls, and then Trinity High.

Favourite cinema?

On my travels I often cast my mind back to the Odeon Cinema in Rutherglen every Saturday – it left a lasting impression on me and sowed the seed for my future career as an actor. We spent our bus fare on chips and had to slog the three miles home on foot.

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Did you go dancing?

After leaving Trinity High, I joined the Lindy Hop dance school in Glasgow and learned rockabilly dance moves before heading to Hollywood.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow?

Glasgow is now the most diverse, open and honest city in the world. I love the feeling of belonging I get rolling into Central Station. I love waxing lyrical to anyone who will listen about our great city and the people who came from it.