A MAN who was the victim of an assault called cops – but was charged himself after being found carrying a knife.

Police were asked to attend Glasgow's Paisley Road West, at Jura Street, shortly before 10.30pm on October 13 last year.

They had been called by Nathan Armour, 24, who was found standing in the middle of the road.

Officers approached him and believed him to be intoxicated. He was offered the chance to make a report at Helen Street police office but began to take an aggressive stance toward police.

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Armour then provided his details and said he had finished work at 6.30pm and had been drinking.

He was told he would be searched, and replied: "I’ve got a box cutter in my pocket."

A black and red-handled Stanley blade was recovered, and Armour was cautioned and charged.

He replied: “Am I getting lifted for having a box cutter?”

Armour appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week after pleading guilty to possessing the blade.

His lawyer said: “This seems to be a genuine mistake. He was the victim of an assault and contacted police, and fully complied with officers.

“The report is in good terms. His record is fairly limited. He’s recovering a lot of support.

“He would comply with a monetary penalty or structured deferred sentence.”

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The court heard that unpaid work was not a suitable option.

Sheriff Charles Lugton said: “The court does take crimes of this kind very seriously, however, you do have a limited record and because of the circumstances, I’m prepared to deal with this more leniently than what I would usually.”

Armour, of Glasgow city centre, was fined £470.