Concerns are growing over a Glasgow 'speed road' which has sparked demands for change.

Cowal Road in Maryhill sees around 1600 vehicles break the 30mph speed limit every day, according to data obtained by SNP MSP Bob Doris.

The politician is now urging Glasgow City Council to take action after claiming many constituents are worried about the road.

He has branded the situation “a serious speeding issue" and is demanding the local authority take action “before an accident occurs, not after".

Doris also urged the council to be “proactive in prioritising road safety” as 85% of cars on the road are reportedly driving up to 37.1mph.

Glasgow Times:

In a letter to the council, he said: “I find these results very worrying.

“I would ask Glasgow City Council to reconsider its position (to simply to continue to monitor road safety) given the data you have shared with me.

“It confirms that the average speed is above the 30mph speed limit and that 85% of cars are driving up to 37.1mph.

“What we are not sighted on the speed of the 15% of traffic driving faster than 37.1mph.

“I would request further data. I take very seriously that this means over 1600 vehicles are driving beyond 37mph each day in a 30mph limit.

“Given constituents have raised concerns over road safety and the data would back this up, there is a serious speeding issue.

“We can consider ourselves fortunate that there have been no recorded serious accidents.

“To monitor the situation further begs the question as to just how many vehicles must break the speed limit, and how fast must they drive, before Glasgow City Council will consider taking action.

“I would ask Glasgow City Council to take forward appropriate traffic calming measures before an accident occurs, not after.

“I appreciate the challenges around this stretch of road but would ask the council to be proactive in prioritising road safety.”

Glasgow Times:

Doris shared a reply he got from the council which sympathised with his concerns but said the local authority must prioritise roads with a track record of previous accidents.

However, after reviewing the speeding results the council has confirmed it will seek to include the introduction of traffic calming measures on Cowal Road within this financial year’s programme.

A reply to Doris from Glasgow City Council read: “Whilst I fully appreciate your concerns I can confirm that the council are proactive in prioritising road safety, however, regretfully there are locations within Glasgow which have a history of injury accidents and it is these locations which must be prioritised when considering the introduction of traffic calming measures with the limited resources available to the council at this time.

“Please note that a list of schemes have already been approved within the funding provided for this financial year.

“However, upon further consideration given the speeds recorded during the recent traffic survey, I can advise that the council will seek to include the introduction of traffic calming measures on Cowal Road within this financial year’s programme.

“[It will be] subject to the availability of remaining funding once the initial list of schemes have been completed.”

Glasgow Times:

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council told the Glasgow Times: “Road safety is a top priority for the council and resources are allocated on annual basis to improve safety at the locations where risk to road users is most evident.

“We are aware of the road safety concerns connected to Cowal Road and we will seek to address those concerns within the context of our current resources.”