THE UK, including parts of Scotland, will experience global warming in action this week.

During the last few months a few Scottish Green Party politicians have expressed their views in your newspaper. Up until today, their objectives were Boris Johnson bashing and to support the SNP in its quest for Scotland’s independence.

At last, on Saturday, Martha Wardrop of the Green Party has addressed the issue of global warming. In a nutshell, she was giving advice my granny gave to me 80 years ago on how to behave during a heatwave! Nothing about the action required globally to save this planet from extinction.

On another page there is a report headlined: “Football fans team up to tackle food poverty crisis.”

Then on another page, there is a photo of Nicola Sturgeon at a press conference in Edinburgh to launch a second independence paper.

As a taxpayer, I thought my taxes were to be used to help alleviate poverty, not to be used by the SNP to fund their independence campaign costs.

The above two politicians remind me of Nero on the fiddle while Rome was burning.

Daniel Harris

I SEE your report in Saturday’s Times that ScotRail are to resume a full timetable after a new deal was agreed.

So are the train drivers, because you report that they will get more for working rest days, are we going to get train drivers overworked, tired and stressed because they are working rest days?

HGV drivers are limited to how long they can drive and must rest after a certain time. You would also think this would be the same for train drivers.

Jim Tees

Another weekend brought another gig to Hampden but not without issues, readers had their say on the Gerry Cinnamon show and the arrests made...

Ninenty minutes waiting time and £6.70 for a pint from a can, I’m surprised there wasn’t a full-scale riot at the bars.

The concert was amazing, but the rest was poorly organised and staff were incapable of even directing you to your seat.

Ashley Lawson

WAS there last night, didn’t see a thing wrong, was a brilliant night, only downfall was the queue for the bar.

Sandra Wilson

HOW sad are people, why can’t they not have fun and be happy? People like that should be locked up.

June Martin