A campaign calling for a freeze in energy prices has been launched in Glasgow.

The Power to the People campaign wants action to ensure households can afford their bills and is calling for the public to put pressure on the energy companies and for governments to take serious action.

Matt Kerr, Glasgow Labour councillor and Frances Curran, trade unionist and former SSP MSP, launched the campaign.

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A protest is planned for outside energy giant ScottishPower’s HQ in Glasgow and Kerr slammed seven-figure salaries for bosses of the power companies.

ScottishPower said it has increased the support it offers to vulnerable customers and called on government and consumer groups to work together.

Kerr said: “This October our energy bills are due to rise by £800. That’s in addition to the 50% rise this April.

“Everything is going up, everything apart from our wages. Millions across this land are suffering and we are not going to take it anymore.

“SSE made £600m in profit last year. Its CEO took home £4.5m. The CEO of ScottishPower took home £1m this year. None of those guys are worrying about paying their bills. But it’s time we made them worry.”

Glasgow Times:

He said governments could act if they were willing to.

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The councillor added: “Local government, the Scottish Government and Westminster are failing us all. Poverty is a political choice and they can all do something about this.

“We are calling for a freeze in prices, we’re calling for an end to prepayment meters and an end to debt payment fees.

“Fat cat execs on seven-figure salaries and ministers on six-figure salaries have absolutely no right to lecture you and I about taking wage cuts.”

Curran widened the issue to other areas where costs were rocketing.

Glasgow Times:

She said: “All the while landlords hike our rent, we're taken for a ride at the petrol pump and ripped-off at the supermarket.

“We are told the cost of living affects us all, that’s a lie.

“We are launching a campaign here in Glasgow and our demand is clear. Freeze prices not people.

“Institutions and executives serve the interests of the market, not ours.

“They’ve done nothing to prevent the pain we’ve had since energy hikes in April and they will do nothing to prevent the suffering coming over the hill in October.”

The campaigners are calling a demonstration outside the ScottishPower HQ in Glasgow next month on August 12.

Glasgow Times:

ScottishPower said it has been lobbying Government for more financial support for customers.

A spokesperson said: "We’re really concerned that the continual increases in the price of gas and electricity are contributing to the overall cost-of-living crisis we’re all experiencing and the expectation from Ofgem is that energy bills will continue to rise.

"The price cap has managed to protect customers from some of these increases and it will be there for the future for customers to use.

"We’re pleased that the Government has agreed to support every household with a £400 rebate, but more needs to be done. We have been calling for a new scheme that would reduce bills for the most vulnerable by around £1000 in the short-term, while acting as a stepping stone towards a new social tariff.

“At the same time, we’ve ramped up the support available to customers now. We launched a new partnership with the debt charity Step Change; created a dedicated affordability team; and continue to offer help through the Warm Home Discount, our prepayment voucher scheme and the ScottishPower Hardship Fund.

"We can’t fix this alone and we need everyone – Government, industry and consumer groups – to come together to put in place the practical support that will make a real difference for those most in need. And that needs to happen now.”