From dancing at the Albert to Christmas at the Kelvin Hall, Alexander Skinner has many happy memories of growing up in Glasgow.

Which street did you live on?

I was born in Duke Street Hospital (now no more) and brought up in a one-storey tenement flat in Garfield Street along with my two older sisters. After a short while we moved to a three-storey tenement flat in Onslow Drive with a great view of Haghill Football Pitch and I watched all the games involving Dennistoun Waverley Football Team (also now no more). Then, after my sisters left to get married, we moved to a flat opposite Golfhill Cricket Club and the Bluevale football pitch (both now part of a large secondary school).

What school did you go to?

Thomson Street and Alexandra Parade Primaries, and the High School of Glasgow. I played cricket for Golfhill, football for Bluevale Juniors, golf at Alexandra Park and Crowwood Golf Club, and took part in conkers (chestnuts steeped in vinegar) competitions on the street. All of which were very enjoyable.

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Favourite local cinema?

I went to the boys and girls session at the Parade in Meadowpark Street and in the afternoon, we went to the Marne Cinema – both now demolished and replaced by flats.

Where did you go dancing?

I went to the Dennistoun Palais de Danse and the Albert, where I met my darling wife, and the Plaza and Barrowland ballrooms. I don’t think any of those exist as dance halls any more, which is a sign of the changing times.

Happiest childhood memory: I have so many, but I think the happiest is going with my mum, dad and two sisters to a Christmas event in the Kelvin Hall.

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