A WOMAN was fined for carrying out a campaign of harassment against her mother and step-father.

Rhiannon Hunter appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week in relation to another matter and was sentenced for a string of offences.

The court was told that around 2am on July 14, 2021, Hunter had turned up at her mother and step-father's home. 

They heard banging outside and recognised the voice to be Hunter’s. 

She was shouting up from outside in an attempt to get entry to the flat and repeatedly ringing the door entry systems. 

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Later, around 4.10am, she returned again, shouting outside the property and attempting to gain entry. 

The 24-year-old gained access to the close and made her way to the flat’s front door. 

Hunter, of Govanhill, began banging on the door and shouting through the letter box. 

Police were contacted and attended but could not trace Hunter at that point. 

At 7.05am she came back a third time and was shouting: “You prefer your boyfriend. I’ll get him done in.”

She also shouted that her step-father would be “copping it” and “getting done in”. 

The court heard she was drunk at the time. 

Officers returned and Hunter was arrested. 

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In a separate charge, around 9pm on October 20, 2021, Hunter’s mum had contacted police stating her daughter was outside causing a disturbance and breaching bail conditions. 

Cops found her in the close and she was taken to Govan police station. 

Finally, the court how Hunter had been released on special bail conditions. 

Around midnight on November 30, 2021, Hunter turned up again at her mum’s address. 

This time she was invited in and stayed the night but the following day messaged her mum to say she had taken her car key without permission.

Sheriff Allan Mckay fined Hunter £540 for the first offence and admonished her for the incident on October 20.

She was admonished for breaching her bail conditions but also fined £540 for the theft of the key.