A PRISONER was caught with an unauthorised sim in his mobile phone.

Scott Fordyce appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week.

The 22-year-old is currently serving a 13-month sentence for drug offences.

It was revealed that his earliest liberation date is December 2022.

Fordyce was caught with the communication device within HMP Barlinnie on November 17 last year.

Prosecutor Laura Martin said: “There was a routine search of the accused’s cell. His mobile phone was inspected, and an unauthorised sim was found inside.

“He was not cautioned and charged at the time.”

Sheriff Valerie Mays replied: “This is a time where prisoners were allowed to have mobile phones due to Covid but only authorised sims.”

Ms Martin replied: “Yes.”

The court heard that Fordyce’s reason for having the sim was to call his partner more often.

The sheriff said: “It can be a serious offence because phones in prison can be used to continue organised crime.

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“The courts do take a serious view of this. However, this case has taken so long to come to court, and you’re currently serving a sentence.”

Fordyce, of Clydebank, was sentenced to three months behind bars, to run concurrently with the sentence he’s already serving.