A Bollywood blockbuster transformed a Scots town into Iran - using props from Glasgow’s famous Barras market.

Items snapped up from the iconic stalls are being used to mimic the inside of the country's mosques and bazaars as more than 120 crew and cast shoot scenes for high octane geo-political thriller Tehran.

The movie, which stars millionaire actor John Abraham, is currently being shot in Glasgow, Greenock, Paisley and Irvine, before the action switches to Georgia and finally back to India.

Glasgow Times:

Crews were in Greenock this week as they turned a carriageway outside the Municipal Buildings into a downtown Tehran bazaar, while offices in the town doubled for a Mossad HQ.

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A set insider said: "It was quite an incredible transformation.

"Many of the items we sourced from markets and places where we know we can get authentic pieces. People may be surprised, but a lot of them came from the Barras markets.

"You need to look in some unusual places at times to find what you need to make a location look the part."

Glasgow Times:

Derek Yeaman, location manager for Scotland, revealed what people can expect to see when the movie hits screens later this year.

The 61-year-old location manager - who has more than 28 years of experience in the industry and worked on the crime drama Traces with actor Martin Compston - was one of the driving forces behind bringing the Mumbai-based production to the west of Scotland.

He said: “The film is all action, it's not a traditional Bollywood film with dancing and lots of music.

"There will be car chases and gun battles, and the city is going to look very different from what people are used to.”

Glasgow Times:

The film is based on true events and is expected to be another money-spinner for Glasgow after the city hosted The Batman and the latest movie in the Indiana Jones franchise.

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Scenes will be shot across a string of locations in the city over the next week. 

Cars will be unable to access the full length of Brown Street between Crimea Street and Argyle Street from 10am until 10pm on Monday.

Wilson Street between Glassford Street, Virginia Street and Virgin Place will also be closed to traffic from 10am to 10pm on July 26.

Bell Street between its junction with Albion Street and High Street will also be affected from 10am until 11.30pm on July 28. 

Glasgow Times:

UK Line producer Sunny Denvi was also instrumental in bringing the shoot to Scotland.

He said: “It's my job to convince the production people in India where to go - and I knew Glasgow would be perfect for some of the big action scenes.

"The director was quickly on board and now we're here."

Born in Afghanistan before moving to the UK in the early 2000s, Sunny says that it is important to him to ‘move outside of London’ and highlight locations across the UK.

Glasgow Times:

He added: “Movie production benefits from having a suitable area to shoot and the local economy benefits from getting publicity and having people come to the area.

“I think it's important to explore different areas, places like this have so much to offer.

"Shining the spotlight on Glasgow and bringing the area good publicity is something that makes me happy, and the people I have met here have been amazing.”