Some readers didn’t agree with yesterday’s letter about people also being a problem for the state of our city, here are some views...

Glasgow City Council made the decision during the pandemic to reduce staff and to change the collection of rubbish from every two weeks to every three weeks.

Also taking street sweepers off the streets.

The council are totally to blame for how manky our city is. But instead of fixing it they would rather build bike lanes, close roads, create walking hubs and spend millions on their design of George Square to remove statues.

John Bones


Look at the state of Glasgow and the council wants to spend loads of cash on revamping George Square...

Don’t understand the logic!

Betty Clark


It starts with mismanagement and once some people see it gone to rack and ruin they just pile more on and take less care of the space.

If the space was managed and clean, then it would be taken better care of.

Andrew K Madden


Council services have been eaten away by the former Labour administration right up to present day. 

Park rangers made redundant by Labour at the cost of at least £800,000 and so on. Fast forward to present day and it continues in the form of unrecognisable council services under one of Britain’s highly paid chief executives.  Glasgow is in a state because of shocking council management.

Robert Gray


As the top police chief announced a Section 60 order for unruly football fans, people had their say...


Thugs not true fans, it’s disgraceful and not doing their club’s reputation any good.

Barbara McAuslan


Why do police not use Section 60 when youngsters run amok at Four Corners in Glasgow city centre doing common assault and violence?

Police are a bunch of hypocrites.

Barry Brown


Whose insane idea was it to have these matches on the same day at the same time?

Bet it wasn’t the police. It’s people rubbing their grubby wee hands thinking of the money and not the people at the games or the morons who were set on causing trouble.

Usual money first, fans last.

Graeme Harrison