The Met Office has issued an update over a possible UK heatwave in August following record 40C temperatures in July.

It comes as the UK remains on the brink of its first hosepipe ban in a decade following unprecedented temperatures earlier in the month.

The country is not in widespread drought but most of England except for the North West has moved into a state of “prolonged dry weather”, the step before drought is declared, raising the spectre of restrictions such as hosepipe bans.

Officials from the Environment Department (Defra) and agencies including the Environment Agency are meeting with water companies and other groups including the National Farmers’ Union and the Country Land and Business Association on Tuesday to discuss how to protect water supplies.

Met Office update on possible UK heatwave in August

The Met Office has predicted “very hot” spells in August.

The long term forecast, detailing the weather outlook from August 9 to August 23 says: "Temperatures remain generally above normal across the south, with some potentially hot spells, while remaining closer to average in the north."

UK set for ‘another blast of very hot weather’

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “Confidence is starting to build for another blast of very hot weather during the start of next month.

“It remains to be seen from model runs nearer the time whether temperatures will edge towards the record heat we have seen this week.

“In the meantime, there are signs of another heat surge at the weekend with temperatures, particularly across the south, lifting back into the 30Cs."