Organisers of a summer funfair have been forced to apologise after the event was branded a “shambles” by disgruntled customers.

Clyde Island, a pop-up event in the city centre, was marketed as Glasgow’s version of New York’s Coney Island.

Glasgow Times:

As well as artisan food and drink, punters were also promised live entertainment, fairground rides and attractions, a large beach, and a beach club complete with cocktail bar.

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Callum Broome, creative director of Clyde Island, said in a release: “We have seen costs spiral across the country so we wanted to bring a little happiness with a Summer Beach Festival for those staycationing this year in Glasgow, with a fantastic food, drink and ride selection.”

Clyde Island, held within the NCP King Street car park, was meant to run from Friday, July 15 until Sunday, August 7 but opened a day late due to “unforeseen circumstances” and will now close on Sunday.

In response to an apology posted by Clyde Island this week, dozens took to social media to complain about their experiences at the fairground, with many feeling the festival was overpriced and underwhelming.

Angela Christie and her partner, Chris Waugh, from Hillington, attended the fairground last Thursday and were shocked by their experience.

Glasgow Times:

Angela told the Glasgow Times: “I paid £6 for the both of us to get in as it was £3 each. Once inside it was a massive let-down, there was hardly any rides there.

“And there was a few that were not even working, the big wheel was one of them.”

She added: “For one ride on the magic carpet it was four tokens each, so that worked out at £8 - shocking.

“The food stalls were expensive. We didn’t buy anything. Everything was really overpriced.

“We walked round the whole thing in about five mins. Absolutely shocking to charge money to walk round.

“There was no live entertainment as stated, and I never saw a cocktail bar either, which was stated.

“I seen a basic bar selling beer, that was it. Total and utter let-down.

“The whole thing was a shambles, won’t be back.”

One attendee who had booked for the opening day but had to reschedule for the following Thursday described it on Facebook as a “rip off” and “disappointing”.

Glasgow Times:

Another visitor said: “The price doesn't justify the attractions on offer.

“This was billed as the event of the summer when in one way or another way it’s been nothing but a let-down. The price you are charging and the amount of tokens needed per ride is a joke, especially with you have more than one kid.”

Another visitor added: “It’s basically an overpriced fairground with a sandpit and overpriced food.”

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One user claimed that after she posted a review of her negative experience on the event’s Facebook page last week, Clyde Island deleted her comments, blocked her, and deleted the review section on their Facebook page.

In her deleted review she said: “Went here today with my friends and all our kids only to arrive to an absolute tip! The big wheel wasn’t fully built, there’s no live entertainment as was advertised and there’s only [three] rides if [your] kids are over [five]! Absolute rip off! Wouldn’t waste [your] money going here.”

Glasgow Times:

People also took to Instagram to share their displeasure.

Replying to a question about her experience, one user said: “It was nothing like they have advertised it as. My son was bored out his mind, only [two] rides for him to go on, the food stalls weren’t the best and overpriced, the place was dirty and don’t even start me on the staff.”

Another said: “No entertainment when we went, big wheel not operating, kids continuously told to return as some rides not open even an hour after official opening time. Overpriced and poorly run. Save your money folks!”

Many visitors claimed they could not get refunds for their tickets.

In a statement to the Glasgow Times, a spokesperson for Clyde Island said they were looking into the matters raised.

Glasgow Times:

They added: “We here at Clyde Island are very sorry that the summer festival has not gone as we had planned.

“We have received some complaints on social media and we have asked that people contact us personally.

“We have faced operational issues beyond our control that have impacted the festival and has meant that we have not been able to deliver the experience we had hoped to.

“We had secured some of the country's best DJs and performers as well as a number of other rides but due to licensing issues we had to cancel this at the 11th hour.

“We worked tirelessly with Glasgow City Council to try and put this right but unfortunately this was out of our control.

“We have had some positive feedback from guests that have visited but we acknowledge that some guests have left unhappy and so we invite those people to contact us directly on”