Faces and Voices of Recovery (Favor) have produced a bill that would enshrine the right to recovery treatment for drugs in law.

Writing in the Glasgow Times today, Annemarie Ward, chief executive of Favor, gave her opinion on what has happened since last year’s record figures were released.

Glasgow Times:

"Another year passes and we anticipate today’s drug death statistics.

"But what has really changed for the people out there begging for help - for those who are at risk of dying – an honest opinion would be not much.  

"The response to Scotland’s abysmal record on drug deaths has been incommensurable. With more years wasted, and over £40m spent, the Drug Deaths Taskforce has given recommendations on what 'should' be done.

"In that time, it would be safe to say another 3000 plus souls have lost their lives, waiting for the immediate action we were promised when we were told the eye was taken off the ball.  

"We see how the minister has had to challenge local authorities to enact the MAT Standards – mostly because they have been untouchable for years and thought they could just ignore it.

"We see seven local authorities advise that they still do not fund residential rehabilitation beds – our guess is seven is a generous number too. The general arrogance is astounding. They don’t care and that needs to change.  

Glasgow Times:

"The Right to Addiction Recovery (Scotland) Bill earned support from the majority of respondents, and although many from the addiction sector declined to support it, it is telling that those who did back it come from sectors where a legal right is the foundation to everything they do.

"Sectors that wouldn’t remain silent as their money would be taken away, they would fight it, and fight it hard.    

"People seeking treatment don’t have time to wait months or in some cases years for answers, too many already die begging for their lives, too many families are destroyed long before the death due to this.

Glasgow Times:

"It’s time for real change, that’s why we wrote 'Oor Bill' a bill that would ensure the legal right to access drug treatment of choice, when it is required, a bill that would ensure accountability and a bill that would ensure much needed funding is a statutory responsibility – not a political soundbite.  

"Favor UK, and those who helped draft 'Oor Bill, will not apologise for fighting for rights to be real to those that need them. 'Oor Bill' is 'Their Bill'.

"They/we deserve it."